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Forts, palaces, architectural marvels and tales of valour, all in their own way, bear testimony to the glory that Jaipur is and was just after it was conceived by Sawai Jai Singh in 1737. Located 262 kilometers from Delhi, Jaipur was the first planned city in northern India.


The City Palace: One of the most magnificent mavvels of Jaipur is the City Palace Complex which has a rare combinational of the finest blends of Rajasthani and Mugal architecture. In the heart of the old city, it has a vast area. The outer wall was built by Jai Singh and additions made up to the 20th century. Many buildings, well-planned gardens and huge courtyards are a part of the complex.

Jantar Mantar: The largest and best preserved of Sawai Jai Siongh's five observatories. It is built in stone and marble whose setting and shapes are designed scientifically and which are one of the high-points of medieval Indian astronimy. There are also two Ram Yantras for gauging altitudes.

Hawa Mahal - The Palace of Winds: The palace of winds - a fascinating land-mark of Rajasthan, was built by the orders of poet-king, Sawai Pratap Singh in the 18th century and is the most remarkably designed monument in Jaipur. What is seen from the Sireh Deorhi Bazar is the multi-niched five-storey high backside of the complex. It was conceived to provide adequate vantage position behind stone-carved mesh like screens to the palace women for watching the royal processions passing through the bazaar. It now has a museum and the collections include paintings, coins, handicrafts and sculptures. 'Jaipur' - past and present's is the special feature of the museum.

Few other promenient places are: Govindji Temple | Jagat Shiromani Temple | Jaigarh Fort | Nahargarh Fort | Amber Palace and Fort Complex | Jal Mahal | Swarghashuli/ Isar Lat | Dolls Museum | Albert Hall | Gaitore | Galta | Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing | Birla Planetarium | and many more...


Jaipur - A Shopper's Paradise... Although most tourist visit Jaipur to view its grand monuments, nonetheless there are as many who come to shop. And indeed a shopper's paradise it is. The list of things available is endless, but the more popular items on the agenda of a visitor to the city are jewellery, textiles and saris, goods made of marble, wood, stone, lac, clay, metal and leather.